Amiga: Rick Dangerous II (1990)

"[...] one of the most enjoyable 16-bit arcade games in a long time." Computer and Video Games, 88% 

Be prepared to save the world, acting as a blend of Superman and Indiana Jones!

Rick Dangerous II

In 1990, Core Design presented the sequel to the platform game Rick Dangerous and continued its plot. The imminent alien invasion has now become reality as UFOs have recently landed in Hyde Park, London. Of course, our smirking superhero has no fear and welcomes our visitors right away. 

For a start, Rick carries a laser gun and bombs, which can be either placed on the ground or slid towards the enemy. He can also punch his enemy thus freezing them for a short time. 

The game itself has a linear story but as a special feature, you may play the first four out of five levels in any order. After you have completed Hyde Park, Ice Caverns, Deep Forest and the Atomic Mud Mines, the final level "Fat Guy's Headquarters" will be unlocked where the ultimate boss fight is waiting for you.

If you are looking for a funny Jump and Run with smooth gameplay and a good story be sure to check out Rick Dangerous II.


  1. looks fun, i'll check it out!

  2. Rick Dangerous looks like a very fun platform game! Do you know what other weapons we get to use, besides the laser gun and bombs?

  3. lol I love the old-school tunes. Looks like it might be a really tough game though. Fun I bet.

  4. thanks for the review, the graphics actually dont look too bad for the time period

  5. >He can also punch his enemy thus freezing them for a short time.

    This is a power I'd one day like to have.

  6. The kind of looks like Commander Keen.

  7. lol looks hella boss. great game.

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  9. i remember this awesome game. i had it in rom form before.