Amiga 500: Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

Game #2 on my list of must-haves for the Amiga is

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

 Marks - Set - Go

Lotus 2 is part of the famous Lotus trilogy and came out in 1991, developed by Magnetic Fields and published by Gremlin. It is a pseudo-3D arcade racing game, like many others during that time. But still, Lotus 2 is outstanding.
- It has an absolutely fantastic intro-tune and even the little jingles between each level are remarkable!

I am pretty sure, that all of you people, who had an Amiga during their childhood will remember this great game. If not, listen to the intro theme I am posting below and I promise your memories will return.


  1. My only familiarity with the Lotus series is a remix of the above theme from the OCReMix community: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00904/

  2. @Geographer: Good remix! I have seen quite a couple of them lately.. The original tune is by Barry Leitch and Shaun Southern, who are also responsible for other good game music, such as Silk Worm or the Super Cars themes. Many games wouldn't have had such a success without their music. I will report on that as my blog progresses :)

  3. grat post..the old games....o dude..when i remember..

  4. I remember playing this game back in the day...

  5. lol, contributing :)

  6. I f*cking LOVED those games. Eventhough I was born in 1991 ^^