Amiga: Silk Worm

After all the cuteness of Mario and his friends, this blog requires some serious side-scrolling action! It is time for:


Be prepared for some heavy shooting, literally hundreds of enemies will appear around you, getting more with each level. Choppers, tanks, mines, missile launchers and jets will swarm around you to eliminate your helicopter or jeep and all you can do is fire back as much as you can!

This game by Tecmo was released in 1988/89 and was available on most platforms, such as Commodore C64 / Amiga, Amstrad, Atari ST and NES...

This video pretty much sums it up, a good game for in between with a decent level of difficulty! Sometimes I just insert the disk and let the intro theme play. Another fantastic tune by Barry Leitch, who also composed the music to Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, as I already mentioned in my previous article on that game.

For all of you who want an easy job - here is the cheat: Scrap 28 in the options menu!


  1. video games is cool...

  2. I don't think I've seen or heard of this game before but it looks familiar...hrmmm.

  3. heh..
    never heard of it, or at leat can't remember

  4. Ohhh the memories
    ...good old times

  5. I have never played this game , but it sure does look fun.

  6. those old games are soo awesome!